Red Claw Records - Electronic Music For Abstract People

Red Claw Records

was formed by multimedia artist and designer
Charles S. Kuzmanovic on January 4th, 2016.

After more than 15 years of producing mostly electronic music, he decided to launch Red Claw Records in order to give new artist a chance to get heard by a wide audience. Red Claw Records is here to provide electronic dance music with bits of noise, glitch and an extra dose of experimental flavors for the „abstract listener“. The music is not only about clubs and dancefloors, but also about moving images, films and games. Red Claw Records is about soundscapes, dreams and life itself – both soothing and disrupting the comfort-zones of the audience. The ever-changing moods, the ups and downs of everyday life are the basic ingredients of the label’s releases and the credo of the label.

Ambient Music for Abstract People.

Let’s dive into the world of Red Claw Records.

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